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Food Suppliers in Malaysia


Malaysia is one of the countries that is part of an ancient spice route. Their cuisine is highly similar to that of Singapore, Brunei and also have a resemblance to the Filipino cuisine.  Malaysian cooking is known for its aroma and rich flavor. However, ingredients used is not well known to some people.  Here are some of the ingredients I recommend, in my opinion, are superior.  Kari Ayam dan Daging (meat curry powder), a  Malaysian produced curry powder. Keri Ikan (fish curry powder), similar to the meat version but it is less spicy compared to meat curry powder. Bawang Goreng (crispy fried shallots), these are ready-made and widely used in Malaysia to garnish curries. Cili Kering (dried chili paste) Dried chilis is used a lot in Malaysian cooking. It has a sweeter and more intense flavor. Gula Melaka (dark coconut block sugar).


Cimei food ingredients SDN BHD is known for supplying quality food beverage ingredients suppliers and bake wares.  They are known for supplying confectionery needs like almond and

nuts, dried fruits, food color and much more.  They also conduct in-house training and certification which made them one of the best food and beverage suppliers in Malaysia. Meanwhile, Golden choice marketing is on the list of big suppliers of food and beverage in restaurants, caf?, and chain stores in Malaysia as well as overseas.  They are known for their different tea products, coffee, and cream, honey, dessert toppings, name it because they make almost everything.  For Malaysian Beverages, Etika Beverages Sdn Bhd in Soft Drinks aims to maintain its position in the Malaysian soft drinks industry as well as undertaking strong marketing activities in order to promote the branding of its carbonates, juices and RTD coffee in Malaysia.


Many people are conscious about their health. There is one manufacturer in Malaysia that caters to the Nutraceutical aspect of the food and beverage industry - Bio- Nutricia Holding - With the large range of specialty products for weight loss, skin care, anti aging, eye health, men and women's health.  Some of the products are energy drinks, instant coffee/ fruit juice, and tea and food supplements like fiber detox and cholesterol-lowering supplements. Bio-Nutricia indeed makes the most of it in the world of manufacturing healthy products. To understand more about foods, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comfort_food.


What attracts me most is Gillco Ingredients. He has a different concept when it comes to wholesale distribution of ingredients. Several years ago, they switched from traditional additives to natural and organic ingredients. From pre biotic soluble fibers nutraceutical products Malaysia, special proteins, emulsifier and enzymes, chocolates and cocoa powder, Gilco believes that "the growing process and minimal processing of our organic ingredients are not only healthy for the consumer but also ensures a significant reduction in chemicals and emissions that pollute our environment."